Coaching Skills Training

“Being a manager today requires the ability to implement two styles of leadership that are new to many business environments. These two styles, used during different stages of organisational change, are the visionary and the coach” – Barbara Minzer 

Experience Coaching offers training to equip managers with the skills they need to use a coaching and leadership approach with team members, through a focus on improving performance by developing the people and processes which underpin task achievement and business objectives.

1 day Introduction to Coaching Skills Workshop

To equip you with the foundation skills needed to begin your journey towards becoming an effective coach.

2 day Coaching Skills for Managers Programme

The programme is designed to support the development of a coaching culture. The training will provide managers with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to use a coaching approach with team members, as and when appropriate.  The programme includes:

  • Understanding non-directive coaching – who benefits and how
  • The behaviours and characteristics of an effective coaching manager
  • Coaching both as a structured and informal approach
  • The GROW model as a framework for coaching conversations
  • Strategies for coaching in difficult situations
  • Action planning to apply the skills in the workplace

The approach is facilitative, with participants being active partners in the learning process. An important aspect of the course will be using participants’ own coaching scenarios as case studies during the programme, to give relevance and immediacy to the training.  We use REAL PLAY not role play, and participants leave with action plans to resolve current work issues.

2 day Advanced Coaching Skills Programme

This programme will enable managers and practising coaches to take their coaching skills to a higher level. This programme is designed to build on work covered during the two-day Coaching Programme and support those wishing to develop their coaching practice further.

“The training was useful and delivery was excellent, thank you Garry.  It was much, much better than the Dale Carnegie training as it was tailored to our needs and our development over the two days”.  – Participant from Progress Housing Group