Coaching Aims and Process


Coaching supports the achievement of business objectives by enhancing the leadership capability of key senior managers, improving their own performance, and the skills of their teams.

“I had the chance to review a range of my skills and attitudes towards leadership, and to critically and constructively revisit the way in which I develop relations with other persons in a professional context” – Professor Edoardo Ongaro, Northumbria University

In its simplest form, coaching is a structured conversation that may, if appropriate, include observation of you in your workplace and feedback.  We will help you to find your own motivation, define your own goals, and help you to discover from within your own experience how you can improve your performance. Building on what you already know is an effective way of producing lasting changes in your skills and behaviours. The coaching process is about helping you to find your own solutions.

We will establish a coaching contract in advance, to agree the groundrules under which your coaching will take place.

“Coaching with Garry provided the opportunity to speak to someone who was a ‘neutral’, but had the expertise to understand, challenge, help me reflect, cope, and ultimately help me improve. I feel far more equipped to deal with this challenging environment – from intense pressure of research, to dealing with difficult situations / discussions, to even at a personal level being able to switch off from work.  Coaching from Garry has been one of the highlights of this course for me.” – Dr Dan West, Northumbria University